Custom Transformation Rule for ACH using AL Extension in Business Central


Dealing with Electronic Bank Payment Setup can be tedious and time consuming. In this blog, I’ve a unusual requirement where the payment date should be the next day of the check issue date.


1. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
2. VS Code and AL Language Extension


1. In standard Data Exchange Definition, I didn’t find any rule to increment the date by 1 day. So using the Integration Event and Event Subscriber, I’ve written AL Code to use the custom transformation rule and perform the +1D operation.

2. I’ve created a custom Transformation Rule in the Feild Mapping on Data Exchange Definition in this case ‘ADD1D’ and set in the field mapping.

3. In the code I’m looking for the transformation rule with the name ‘ADD1D’ and then use the code to actually add 1 day to the date.

4. Output:


This type of customization not only can be done with Data Exchange Definitions. This was an example of how the Integration-Event Subscriber can be used to modify existing functionality in Business Central

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