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How to work with Drop Shipments in Business Central?


Drop shipment is used when the shipping on the items is done from the vendor directly to the customer without the item coming back home to your warehouse and you delivering them.

Steps to achieve the goal:

  1. To do so first create sales order and then add field drop shipment which is of boolean type using personalize features in business central
  1. Add item in sales order line and mark drop shipment if you want that item to be transported directly from vendor to customer
  1. Then create purchase order assign vendor to it and then don’t add any purchase lines instead of that go to shipment and payment tab in Ship-to field select customer and then add that customer which you want
  1. And go to action tab in purchase order page -> Drop shipment -> Sales Order ->Sales order list window
  1. Select the item that you want to get shipped directly and that item will be added in purchase orders line
  1.  In order to check the link is established between sales and purchase order. Go to Sales order then in sales order line -> Order -> Drop Shipment -> Purchase orders
  1. It will open the corresponding purchase orders which you created
  1. And post the Sales order.


Thus we saw how we can use Drop shipments in Business Central.

Thank you very much for reading my work. Hope you enjoyed the article!

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