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Are you sure you know Office 365? It’s not only Emails & Apps!!!

Cloud business systems is sprouting rapidly throughout the globe and one of the system like Microsoft Office 365 helps business to be more productive.

Have you ever realised that you must go back to office just for accessing a file, you or your client required urgently?

The concept of using Office 365 services from anytime, anywhere & any device is striking, and it is helping personnel to handle things more easily.

Here, I would also like to highlight a point. Many businesses are already using Office 365 and have installed the apps & services on their employee’s system. But do you think they are utilizing it to its full extent?

Many organisations are using Office 365 typically for emails and the Office apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), however, Office 365 can deliver more, increasing productivity. Magic of Office 365 is still evolving, and Microsoft is continuously adding and updating the features in it. Also, you will always be having the latest versions of applications & software.

You can add new users & delete former users easily. You can manage existing users with attractive Administration Center. Exchange Online Archiving offer users’ advanced archiving capabilities within Office 365.  If I just take example of Office 365 Business Premium license (you can choose the plan that suites you best), apart from the Office apps it also includes below services:

  • MS Teams – Platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, collaborate on files and especially the guest access feature in Teams is awesome.
  • Exchange Online – Exchange for email services, also there is a lot you can do with Exchange Admin Center.
  • OneDrive for Business – Storage for documents
  • SharePoint Online – Document Management & Real-time Collaboration with attractive modern sites, document versioning, web parts & lot more.

Are your digital assets secured?

So, the Microsoft datacentres where your data is stored physically is always monitored and uses encryption for all data. But then again this is a joint responsibility.

Office 365 also offers access to Security & Compliance dashboard by means of which you can protect data with various security & compliance policies. Through Security & Compliance dashboard, organization can protect access to data and services, prevent data loss, manage data governance, protect against threats, deep search for any content and auditing. Feature like Multi-Factor Authentication makes the environment more secure.

Permissions plays a very significant part within the organization which lets you grant authorizations to people who perform different tasks which you manage Admin center which is based on Role Based Access Control permissions model.

Exchange uses filtration of emails using Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and a part of Exchange Online Admin Center which provides different features like Email Encryption, Anti-Spam protection, Outbound Spam detection, Connection filter & lot more. Transport Rules can help you achieve according to your specific requirements. Keeping trace of the messages in your organisation is an awesome feature.

Secure Score – Secure Score analyses your Office 365 organisation’s security based on your activities and security settings and assigns a score. Think of it as a credit score for security.

Finally talking about choosing the right product & subscription is significant. Microsoft has also launched Microsoft 365 which comes in three tiers – Enterprise, Business & Education (similar as Office 365). If you ask the difference it is very simple to understand. Office 365 is a suite of apps and services which I have already stated, and Microsoft 365 is a bundle of services which includes Office 365. It also involves Windows 10 Business or Enterprise (depending on the subscription you choose) + Enterprise Mobility & Security.

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