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Three Factors That will Surely make Digital Transformation a Success!


Are you one of those traditional company who has been reeling under the burden of undergoing digital transformation just because there is enough buzz around and every other organization including your competitors are taking on their operational, human and several other business challenges head-ons with this digital transformation thing? You have no idea of where to begin with?

Then this article is just for you. I am going ahead and listing down THREE factors you MUST consider even before riding your company through the much-hyped Digital Transformation process.

Data Magic!! Leverage Your Data First!

Nothing beats customer data when it comes to gaining critical insight into how to execute a digital transformation program. This depends on factors like the volume of data, the volume of business transactions and the daily operations, and how they have been able to dive deeper into a prospective customers’ specific demographic’s needs and wants, understand everything about their expectations, and then being able to target them effectively is the best way to begin a digital transformation initiative.

Recent McKinsey research concluded that the executive teams that make extensive use of customer data analytics across all business decisions see a 126% profit improvement over companies that don’t.

What types of data metrics come into play? Data metrics vary from one company to other. For example, in the case of retail industry, factors such as demographics, products purchased by category and type, the frequency of purchase and purchase value can really prove to be a great head-start. In this case, your technology consulting partner should provide a right consultation.

In modern technological jargon, a business intelligence tool such as Microsoft Power BI would act as a catalyst in terms of accumulating data, grinding it and giving a critical insight into it which can fuel your business decision making.

Its Desktop, but then Its Mobile too!!

Today, customers and employees across the globe expect the flexibility of mobile (or portable device) platforms whenever they are engaging with brands. They expect the ability to access the responsive microsites, apps, or SMS, and to be constantly engaged and kept in the loop. Hence, to verify that a digital strategy is mobile-first, to avoid alienating modern platform users.

Today, the digital platforms from Microsoft like Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement have availed separate apps for Field Service, customer service, sales and several other tasks which can be easily done when you are on the go. With just one download from the app stores, you’ll automatically gain access to all apps.

Consult, Revamp Your Existing Platforms NOW!

Digital Transformation programs thrive on the understanding of the company, industry, right audience and the need to increase their profitability. Then it may be by slicing human intervention costs or by increasing operational efficiencies.  In some cases, it is both.  Here, I am stressing a fact that a right customized solution is essential to drive the business decision making. For small and medium enterprise, it takes a great deal to undergo a digital transformation especially when there might be a profound investment involved. A minor rejig may also make a huge difference.

For instance, in my experience, there is a company called as Eternity Lifestyles, which is a pioneer in the Indian sports eyewear industry. This company consulted its new solution partner to overview the existing systems and restructure it with an objective to reduce the overall operations cost. The result was such that they registered an 80% of the reduction in the existing systems’ licensing costs. Read the whole success story here.

Another example, I would suggest is of a South Asian sporting goods retail company ‘House of Sonee Sports’, who underwent a huge digital transformation and registered a 22% ROI within just few months of the deployment of the new business platforms. You can check out more about how it went through this process in a simple way and ensured a successful future journey here.

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