Find hidden entities in CRM using Metadata Document generator from XRM ToolBox

Problem Statement: I had a requirement where I needed to check the fields on the Entity POST, however in CRM customization, I could not find the entity POST though it was visible in advanced Find.

Solution: To view all the data related to any hidden field, you can use the Metadata Generator in XRM Toolbox

  1. Connect to your environment on XRM Toolbox.
  2. Search for Metadata Document Generator

  1. In Metadata Document Generator:
  • Retrieve Entities and languages
  • Select the entity you want to generate metadata for and enter the file path of the excel document where the data needs to be stored.
  • Generate Document

4.  Open the document, you will be able to see all the data related to the Entity.

Conclusion: XRM Toolbox- Metadata Generator is helpful in case the entity cannot be viewed in CRM.

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