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Attachment and Task migration through Scribe Insight

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Key Technologies: Scribe Insight, CRM Online

Note: This article assumes experience on Scribe Insight for Data Integration/Migration and understanding of CRM Online

Sources: CRM, Salesforce


Activities like Tasks need to be migrated and linked to an entity (Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity and so on).

For storing the GUID from CRM, perform a seek step on the entity and then insert the task associated with it.

Store the Guid of the Entity from seek step in a Variable (Leadid/Contactid/Accountid/Opportunityid) and then use it in the next step.

Mappings required for Tasks from source to CRM


Notes and Attachments are stored in Annotation entity in CRM

Mappings required for Notes


Mappings required for Attachments

In Scribe, configure source and and select ‘annotation’ entity in the target(CRM).

1. Seek step will lookup ‘accountid’ and if it finds one, will continue to next step else the record will be skipped

2. Note/attachment will be inserted to the respective Id found.

Similarly design for contacts, leads and opportunities by selecting the respective entity.

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