How to update the selected line in the Subform on click of an action button in the Mainform in NAV


  • The requirement was such that , the user will select a line in the subform.
  • The subform has fields like the Customer ID, Customer Name, and a field Recieved Crates.
  • On click of the action button in the Main form, a page opens which contains the details of the selected line in the subform  like Customer ID and Customer Name also a field Crate recieved(Integer Datatype).
  • User will enter Crate Recieved and click on OK. The number entered in the Crate received will modify in the Recieved crates field in the subform.

This blog explains the step wise procedure to achieve the above output.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017


1. Open the Developement Environment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and open the Main form(card Page) and create an action button Received Crate and write the below code.

Here, “Crate Lines” is the Page control (subform), Here a call is made to CallLinesfromCard  function with Parameter CratesLine.

CallLinesfromCard is a global function made in “Crate Lines”Subform.

2. In the function CallLinesfromCard  in the subform. Below is the code.

Here ReceiveCrate is a page. Its the page that open on click of the action button. A function is called CrateReceivedFromCust with parameter CrateLinesTable.

3. A global function is made CrateReceivedfromCust in the page ReceiveCrate. Here global fields variables are made CustomerID,CustomerName,NoOfcratesShipped.

Theses fields are autopopulated with values from the selected line.

A field Crates Received is also created where the user will enter data.

4. OnQueryClosePage of Receive Page, below code is written to modify the Record of the Subform.

5. Set the property RefreshOnactive to yes on the Subform and Mainform.

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