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NAV Error: “Resource not found” in TIBCO Cloud Integration


In this article, we will see how to resolve the below error while creating/quering records from NAV.

Error Details: Error in calling Operation Query (Lookup Block): Operation failed. Label: Lookup CFSCar, Name: CFSCarLookup, Message: The following error has occurred in the Dynamics NAV Connector: Error: NotFound status code = 404. Resource not found for the segment ‘CFSCar’.


We have a scenario where we are building Integration Process between Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) and NAV 2017. For NAV entities to be visible in Scribe Online, we have to create a Web Service in NAV for that entity. For more Information, you can check our blog article here.

So, we had created a Web Service for Item entity i.e. here Items are Car details so the name ‘CFSCar’ in NAV.

The ‘CFSCar’ Entity was visible in Scribe Online.

But, recently we were getting “Resource not found” error for ‘CFSCar’ entity. So, we Reset the metadata for NAV connection in Scribe and the entity ‘CFSCar’ was not visible anymore.


We checked the OData URL for entity ‘CFSCar’. We were getting the below error.

Reading the above error, we couldn’t pin point the exact error, so we checked the SOAP Url as well.

In the SOAP URL for ‘CFSCar’ entity, proper error was displayed.

Error details: Naming Conflict within the “Car Status” object. Fields “Rental/Ops Hold” and Rental / Ops Hold” are both transferred to “Rental_Ops_Hold”. Please find new a name for one of those fields!

Turns out there was two Status of same name which was causing an issue.


Once we deleted the duplicate status the error was resolved.

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