Positive Pay Export having multi-length Void Check Indicator in Business Central for Santader Bank.


There is a client requirement where the Positive Pay Export has a void-check indicator which needs to be 3 Text character. Although there is 1 Text character field for Void Check Indicator in standard positive pay, I couldn’t get it to convert to the desired format by using Transformation Rules or Text Padding. Thus I have made few customizations and is demonstrated below.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Working understanding of Positive Pay Export. Refer(https://www.cloudfronts.com/setup-positive-pay-export/)


As per requirements for Santander Bank,
Void Check is indicated by *26
Print Check is indicated by *10

Whereas in standard we get,
Void Check is indicated by ‘V’
Print Check is indicated by ‘<blank>’

Using transformation rules such as replace V with *26 and <Blank> with *10, the transformation rules only converts the first character which is V to * and  <Blank> to *.
1. There is an existing codeunit(1704) which is used as Pre-Mapping Codeunit in field Mapping in Positive Pay Data Exchange Definition.

2. Create a Table Extension for Table  1241( Positive Pay Detail)and added a text field name ‘VoidStatusIndicator’ of size 50

3. Thus I exported the codeunit to text and converted to AL using Text-To-AL and added the lines as follows in PrePosPayDetail function.

4. Map the newly added field VoidStatusIndicator in the field mapping and chnage the Pre-Mapping codeunit value to the ID of newly created codeunit.



This is how we can do Positive Pay customization can be done. This method is not limited to Positive Pay but with all the Data Exchange methods. In my next blog, I’ll be writing about the customization for ACH.

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