Exploring the Find Next Flag for discount trade agreement journal


When creating a trade agreement in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365 F&O), you may come across the “Find Next” option.

This article will explain what the Find Next flag does and how it impacts the system when calculating discounts.

The “Find Next” Option in Dynamics 365 F&O

The Find Next option in D365FO accumulates trade agreement lines if there are multiple eligible lines.

When this feature is turned on, the system will implement all discounts, without considering the current trade agreement journal lines’ status.

If the Find Next feature is not available, the system will look for the trade agreement journal line with the highest level of detail.

To better understand the Find Next option, let’s consider an example:

Step 1: Create a trade agreement for a discount.

Step 2: Add three lines to the trade agreement:

Line 1: Add item “A” with a basic discount of 5%.
Line 2: Include a product in the inventory that offers a quantity-based discount of 10% for orders ranging from 10 to 101 items.
Line 3: Include a product in the inventory that offers a quantity-based discount of 20% for orders ranging from 101 to 501 items.

Step 3: Disable the Find Next toggle.

Step 4: Create a new purchase order and add an item. A basic discount of 5% will be applied to this item.

Step 5: Change the item quantity to 11 to apply the next line discount in the trade agreement. The Find Next flag being disabled means that the discount percentage will remain unchanged.

When the Find Next parameter is turned off, the system will only look for the first best-fit price, which in this case is 5%.

Step 6: Enable the Find Next flag.Step 7: Once more, access the purchase order, delete the current item, and then include it once more.

Step 8: Enter the quantity of the product as 12. Now, the discount of the item will change from 5% to 15% because it falls under the range discount of 1-100 for 10%, and for all categories, there is a 5% discount, which adds up to a total of 15%.


In summary, the Find Next option in a trade agreement cumulates all eligible trade agreement lines to apply all discounts. 

It is crucial to understand this option to set up trade agreements correctly and avoid confusion in discount calculations.

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