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DAX For Relationships in Power BI

Hi everyone in this blog we will see the different DAX that are used to define or use the relationship between two tables. In Power BI there are two type of relationships                 1. One to One  (1:1)                 2. One to Many   (1:*) Now lets look at the DAX functions that we can use … Continue reading DAX For Relationships in Power BI

Powerful DAX CALCULATE() Function

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The CALCULATE function in DAX is the magic key for many calculations we can do in PowerPivot. Below is the syntax: CALCULATE( <expression>, <filter1>, <filter2>… ) The expression that we put in the first parameter has to be evaluated to return the result (i.e. a value, not a table). For this reason, the expression is … Continue reading Powerful DAX CALCULATE() Function




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