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Finally a CRM that improves my productivity!

As a Sales professional all my life I have used several CRMs. This includes my experience using Homegrown CRM, no CRM (Excel Spreadsheet), Salesforce Automation and now finally Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. It has been about 2 months that I am using it and without a doubt, D365 steals the show!

CRMs have been disliked by sales professional because they seem to be more of a data entry job than a one focused towards helping people become more productive, one that throws more insights and one that makes life easier. All of this is what every CRM promises to do but don’t very much end up achieving. Most of the time people end up duplicating their jobs and hence don’t find it useful.

But not anymore with D365 for Sales! Let me tell you why?

A sales professional spends maximum time on the below 3 tools in the following order:

  1. Email
  2. CRM and/or LinkedIn
  3. LinkedIn and/or CRM

1)  Email: A lot of communication happens on email which the CRM fails to capture. One key Differentiator in D365 for sales is the Email Tracking feature. All you will have to do in your outlook is to click on ‘Dynamics 365’ and it opens the same opportunity/lead in D365 CRM. Then click ‘Track’ and all the emails get tracked against that opportunity. It is so useful that you don’t have to spend your precious time in searching old emails. Even if an account manager leaves the job, the successor can just reply on systems to track every bit of communication.

2) Another beautiful feature that will soon release is how all your contacts within the CRM will show up LinkedIn profiles. This will help to prepare for your meetings by tracking your prospects activities, likes etc. and customize your communication. Your manager too can prepare for the meetings by just looking up the CRM!

A sales Leader can completely rely on CRM for reviewing his/her teams as all the information needed is present here. You can derive all the insights that you need to make data driven decisions. Your organization is now truly dependent on technology.

Apart from this AI and ML are soon going to aid D365 CRM with features like Predictive Lead scoring, Relationship health and Social Intelligence all to make you a smarter than ever sales consultant!

Well these features have made my life simpler. I can truly say that MS Dynamics 365 for sales is the tool that really offers Value. The seamless integration and Unified systems that we keep hearing is what you can experience for real. You may reach out to me on [email protected] would you like to make a smarter choice for your Sales Organization and derive true productivity.

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