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Top-N Questions & Answers in Power BI

Posted On January 31, 2018 by Simran Monteiro Posted in  Tagged in , ,


With the latest update of Power BI, you can now ask top-n type questions and get answers based on your dataset. Questions like ‘What are the top 3 products by sales?’ or ‘Top Manufacturer by country’ are examples.

This is also valid for bottom-n type questions like ‘Least selling product in a country’.


1. Go to your PowerBI Workspace and select your report.

2. Click on the ‘Edit’ button.

3. Select ‘Ask a question’.

4. Type in your question and the visualization will form with the answer based on your dataset.

5. Make changes to your Axis, Legend and Value fields if required.


This feature enables the User to obtain important information from the dataset quickly and easily using natural language thereby enhancing the capability of Power BI to provide self-serving business intelligence.

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