How to create and add/attach a custom activity-type entity to an existing entity in Dynamics 365 CRM


Activities are tasks or sorts of homework that we as a team perform when contacting a customer for example making a phone call, making an appointment or calls, and so on. You can set the status of this activity to complete pending or in progress.

For more details, please follow the link:

Activity entities (Developer Guide for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement …

Steps to create and add/attach a custom activity entity in D365 CRM

Step 1: Log in to the required D365 CRM environment using the URL by providing a username and password and selecting your environment accordingly.

Step 2: Once logging into your Dynamics 365 CRM, select the model-driven app you are currently working on. In my case, it’s Sales Team Member.

Step 3: Once you are in your app, Click on the Settings icon and select [Advanced Settings].

Step 4: Click on Solutions. Create a solution or go to an existing solution. Click on Entities once inside the solution and Click on New. Once you name your entity don’t forget to tick on the [Define as an activity entity] checkbox. You can also check boxes on other options according to your need.

Step 5: You can also notice the other checkboxes in Communication & Collaboration column, most of the options are non-editable.It’s because we are enabling it as an activity entity. Hence, all the checkboxes related to the Custom Activity Entity get non-editable.

Step 6: Now we have to add the custom activity which we created. Click on the entity with which you are working. Then go onto the Forms inside that Entity in which you are working.

Step 7: In Forms, once you have done your customizations, Add the activity timeline by enabling it during the entity creation on which you are currently working (checkbox those 2 columns and that’s how you can view the activities timeline in Form).

Step 8: Once done with the above step, click on Activities & Notes and you can view the Activities & Notes Timeline.

Step 9: Double tap on the Notes timeline and go to Activities.

Step 10: Select the custom activity which you created. In my case, it was Order Review.

Step 11: Click Ok. Save and Close and don’t forget to Publish the Customizations. Once this is done navigate to the Dynamics 365 CRM Main Form. As you Can the custom entity which we created has been added.

Step 12: Click on ‘Order Review’ and add the details. Also, remember you can add many fields to this custom entity as per your requirements. How to do that is by going back to the Solution and navigating to this entity(Order Review). Create or add a new field and then add the Field to the Form. Save and Publish the Customizations.

Hope this Helps.!!!

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