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Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics Commerce Tools

As we know, Dynamics 365 Commerce is released in the preview version, So in this blog, we will have a quick explanation upon some important “Authoring Tools” that we may need to Customize our Website.

Authoring Tools


Once we reach our Dynamics 365 Commerce page, We need to click on the Site that we are going to alter. This will take you to the above page.

We can see the “Authoring Tools”  highlighted in red box. The highlighted wordy assets in the red box are the valuables that we will be using to change the webpage.

Information regarding the highlighted authoring resources:

  1. Pages: These are all the pages that your website will have. It contains everything from login to logout. Every page is justified here with status, last user and last modified.

2. Products: This page has all the products that our D365 Retail online store has inside it. Any change in Retail Online Store products will be reflected here.

3. URL’s: These are URL’s of every Specific Page that you can link with another page. You can discard any page(considering you know its URL) through this authoring tool.
Also, if you want to link your website to another page then you can do it from here.

4. Templates: Template is the page design used as a starting point for creating pages of your site. When you add a new page to your website, you need to assign a template for it. When you modify this template, the changes cascade to that respective pages on your site.

 5. Fragments: In easy words, we can say this can be the upper & lower part of the website that we are designing. Every fragment that you design can have a fragment.  These are small details that you can keep for your website and can make them reflect on each URL you want to.

  6. Assets: It allows you to add all your assets(photos/videos) in a single place. You can reuse them every time on whichever webpage you want.

Please note: Every authoring tool has its own specific condition that can be customized as per your needs.

Also, this is a preview version. Hence, many more changes are expected in future versions.

Hope this helps Dynamics e-Commerce builders 🙂

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