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Power BI Service Live Connection

Posted On March 9, 2018 by Jayant Patel Posted in 


In this blog you will see how you can use power BI as existing dataset to create the report in Power BI desktop.

Service Live Connection:

You can establish connection to a shared dataset in the Power BI service, and create many different reports from the same dataset. This means you can create your perfect data model in Power BI Desktop, publish it to the Power BI service, then you and others can create multiple different reports (in separate. pbix files) from that same, common data model. This feature is called Power BI service Live connection.

To create Shared data set you need to, create a dataset and report and publish it in a workspace which is common to all.

Select the workspace that is shared and where the report needs to be deployed.

Report will start to Puclish to workspace.

You will get below confirmation, when the report is sucecssfully published.

Establish a Power BI service live connection to the published dataset

If you’re not signed in to Power BI, you’ll be prompted to do so. Once logged in, you’re presented with a window that shows which workspaces you’re a member of, and you can select which workspace contains the dataset to which you want to establish a Power BI service live connection.

Click on load and the dataset will be loaded and you can create the reports and publish it.

Below are some known limitations to this as well:

  • Read-only members of a workspace cannot connect to datasets from Power BI Desktop.
  • Only users who are part of the same Power BI service workspace can connect to a published dataset using the Power BI service live connection. Users can (and often do) belong to more than one workspace.

Try it out and put you question below if there is anything.

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