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Scribe Insight AX as a Web Service Find Block issue


If we need to look up for any value from AX then we do it by using a Find Block in Scribe Insight

Eg: BasicHttpBinding_ItemService_find

Every Find block has 2 components and they are,

  1. Query Criteria – Used for specifying the Table Name, Field Name and the Fields Value for finding the record
  2. Return Value – Used to fetch the needed value back

If for any reason either of the component is missing, then you cannot lookup in AX and search the required value back. Consider the following Scenario where we have a SalesOrderService Find block with only the Query Criteria component but without the Return Value component.

Fig 1: Sales Order Find Block without Return Value

Following are the steps to resolve the issue.


  1. Go to your AX Web Service Connection and click on Edit

    Fig 2:  Click on Edit
  2. Click on change connection

    Fig 3: Click on Change Connection
  3. Proceed further by clicking OK and then click on your connection and click on Edit

    Fig 4: Click on Edit
  4. Select the Configuration Tab on top
  5. Select the Find Block under Method that is not showing the required Return Value. Here that would be the BasicHttpBinding_SalesOrderService_find Method. Make sure that the value of QueryCriteria_CriteriaElement and ReturnValue_SalesTable both are 1.

Note: If you want to look up with additional parameters then increase the QueryCriteria value.

Fig 5: Edit ReturnValue_SalesTable
  1. Validate your Web Service Connection and restart your DTS

    Fig 6: Click on Validate
  2. Your issue should be resolved and the Return Values should be visible

    Fig 7: Sales Order Find Block with Return Value


Now you should successfully be able to look up and find a value from any of the Return Values in the Sales Order successfully.

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