Why you should Migrate from Excel to Power BI for Reporting

Microsoft Excel has traditionally been the go-to reporting tool for businesses, but Power BI offers powerful analytics and reporting features for organizations. With faster experimentation with visualizations, statistical functions and calculations across broad datasets and ability to derive answers on the fly through the rapid recombination of fields, it is clear that Power BI delivers far greater insight than Excel.

Reasons Why You Should Migrate Reporting from Excel to Power BI:

1. Storing and Accessing Large amount of Data

Power BI has very impressive compression abilities for Microsoft Excel and text/.csv files, which allows you to view, analyze and visualize huge quantities of data that cannot be opened in Excel. Large datasets don’t have to be cut down in size and aggregated to show more encompassing analysis.


Excel does have some of the newer charts now, they can’t connect to the data model. But Power BI is ideal for Dashboards, alerts, KPIs, and visualizations, including analyzing your data visually.


Excel reports are normal and ordinary comparing Power BI whereas Power BI offers Beautiful branded reports comparing Excel.

4.Cross Filtering

Power BI allows advanced features in Cross filtering between charts unlike excel.

5.Dashboard Refreshment

You can refresh data in Power BI. Excel does not allow dashboard refreshment.


Power BI has the capability of handling larger dataset. Excel can handle limited dataset only.

7. Incredible Cloud-based Features

Once you have finished constructing your Power BI analysis, you need a way to publish and disseminate your dashboards and reports. In Excel this would typically involve emailing a large file around, putting it in a shared drive or SharePoint portal, and letting people know it has been updated.With Power BI offered “publish” this process has been completely revolutionized.

8.Natural Language Query

This incredible feature allows users to type questions and get an answer, either in a default or user-specified form. This is useful for executives with specific questions and business users who are unfamiliar with Power BI or the data model behind the report.

Power BI is an easy tool to use that helps propel organizations into a data driven culture. With powerful self-service abilities, no longer are business users dependent on IT for gathering, transforming and analyzing data. Automation of dataset integration, ease of expansion into new data sources, rapid visualizations, and easily deployable Row Level Security are amongst the many reasons Power BI is a necessity.Additionally, a cloud-based collaboration environment with features like Natural Language Query ease the process of data governance. In the age of analytics, it’s import for organizations to intelligently utilize the data they collect to rapidly evolve with changing business and consumer habits.

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