Creating HTML table using Power Automate

The Create HTML Table action in Power Automate is a useful tool, but lacks any formatting or styling options.
In this blog, we’ll see how to create a HTML table in Power Automate.

Use Case: 
When quote is marked as won, close opportunity as won and send Email to the owner of the Opportunity with below details –  
Email Subject – Opportunity Won! 
Email Body –

  1. Customer Name – 
  2. Below Table-

Step 1-The requirement is quote should be modified and marked as Won. Trigger on When Quote Modified.

Step 2- Initializing the customer with variable actions

Step 3- Put a condition that the trigger works only when quote is Won (status code=4), then change opportunity to Won.

Step 4- On quote status marked as Won, update the opportunity as Won.

Step 5- Listing Accounts associated with Opportunity

Step 6- Use Compose: Data Operation and enter the required record URL. Edit the Id by entering the opportunity Id from dynamic content. Similarly for quote URL details as well.

Step 7- Using select operation to create a required table in the given format. Using href tag place the outputs of opportunity link and quote link in the key section respectively.

Step 8- Create a HTML table and enter the output table of select operation.

Step 9- Create 3 new steps using Compose operation to remove the unrequired part of the URL using replace expression.

Step 10- Create a new step using compose operation and enter the required CSS style for the table to be sent in the mail and attach the final output in the inputs.

Step 11- Send an Email and enter the final output in the Email body.

Step 12- Email sent

This is how we create HTML table in Power Automate. Hope this helps!!

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