Parallel Branching in Cloud Flow

At times, if there are some operations which your Flow wants to perform while it waits to get back, it’s best to use Parallel Branching in Flows. Here’s a quick tip on it!


Some Flows need you to include Approvals or Adaptive Cards that halt the execution of the Flow until the Response from the target is sent back to the Flow.

If there are some steps to be taken after the Response is received.

Parallel Branching

You can use Parallel Branching

  1. Select Parallel Branching instead of a normal Step.

  2. Now, all the Response dependent Actions should be in one of the Branches – (Denoted by Red Box and arrow). And the other part where the execution is expected to be carried forward should be in the other branch – (Denoted by Green Box and arrow)

  3. The execution will then wait where the parallel branches merge finally. Else, each branch can choose to end independently if there are no inter-dependent actions to be take, like taking Response from the Parallel Branch as well. The Waiting state will look like this –

  4. Now, when the Response is submitted back, the Flow execution will continue from the point of convergence of the two parallelly separated branches.

With this, you can separate dependent activities by using Parallel Branching.

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