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Remove duplicate values from an array using Power Automate Flow

Hello everyone!

In this blog, we will demonstrate how to schedule a flow that sends emails to all the owners of opportunities using Power Automate Flow.

Scheduled flows are the best option for actions that need to be automated on a schedule and will run at a specific time or date. For instance, using this approach, you might schedule a daily data upload to Dynamics 365 or SharePoint.

Use Case: Power Automate flow sends a reminder notification to the owners of Opportunities. To avoid multiple emails being sent to the same owner, we need to remove duplicate email addresses.

Step 1: Log in to the required Power Apps environment using URL by providing username and password, click on Create on the left-hand side as shown below, and click on Scheduled cloud Flow.

Step 2: Mention the date and time.

It will appear as this.

Step 3:  Initialize a variable ‘Email_addresses’ of type Array which will store all the email addresses.

Step 4: Use List Rows to find the desired records from the required table. Select the table name. Also, I added the FetchXML code to fetch the required details of an entity.

Step 5: Add an ‘Apply to Each’ loop and insert the previous step’s value. This is done so that the value in every iteration is stored in the Array Variable. Add a step of ‘Set variable’ to store the email addresses in the Array.

Step 6:  Add a new step ‘Compose’ and declare an empty array. This helps to save time when comparing with larger sets.

Step 7: Apply the Union function which removes duplicate values.


Step 8: Apply the Join function to extract the email addresses.


Hope this helps!

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