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Event Based Processing – Creating a Request/Reply Map in Tibco Scribe Online

In this Blog a Request/Reply Map is created to verify the Event based map which can send and receive data. This can be done a number of ways but Postman is more commonly used utility that can be used for this purpose.

  • To Create a new Solution click on the + Button and Select Integration Event
  • Now Rename the Solution and in the Maps section, click on the three ellipsis and select Create Request/Reply Map to create a new Map.
  • Now Rename the Map and Add Connector.
  • You can Create a new Connector or select any connector which is already created.
  • Create a Map as shown below.
  • In Wait for Request Block, click on Request and add field names as desired and Click on Validate and then OK.
  • In Create Block, in General Tab and add the entity name in which you want to integrate.
  • In Fields Tab, map the important fields and click on OK.

  • In Build Reply Block, in the Fields tab drag and drop the fields from Results section to the Target Connection side and the click OK.

  • Once the Map is created then Click on Apply and OK.
  • Again open the map and copy the Endpoint URL.
  • Now in Postman click on + icon and Add a request.
  • Select POST and paste the Endpoint URL, then in Authentication tab select No Auth.
  • In the Headers tab, enter the Key and the value as shown
  • In the Body tab, select raw and select JSON, then type the JSON Format and enter the field and value as desired.
  • Click on Send.
  • You will get this as result in the Body section.
  • In Tibco, in the execution history you can see the process is completed successfully.
  • In CRM, you can now see the Record is created.

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