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Create security role in D365 Finance and operation

In D365 Finance and Operations when you need to provide and restrict users from a certain operation you can make use of security roles. You can create security roles from Finance and operations environment itself or from its development tool i.e Visual Studio. In this blog, we are going to create a security role in Visual Studio as follows.


  1. Create privilege 
    First of all we need to create privilege as follows
    now we need to add new entry point and set  object type in our case display menu item from properties
    Now add object name(display menu item  name) as follows
  2. create role
    Now we need to create role where above created privilege will be needed create new security role  as follows
    now we need to add new privilege in role as shown

    And from properties select privilege which we have created in previous step

  3. Create Duty
    Now we have to create new duty and assign previously created privilege in its properties as shown
  4. Now we can see security role in FnO environment
    select any user from system administration>>users and click on assign role as follows
    and now search for priviously created role and click on Ok button
    now your security role is assigned to user with our role will be able to see the object like form, report etc except user with system administrator.


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