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Create Pop up in Power Apps

Posted On August 30, 2020 by Ankita Chavan Posted in 

In this blog we will see how to create Popup in Canvas power Apps

Step 1: Add a label on you screen where you want to add a Popup

Now add a background color -> select  custom as shown in below image.

Step 2: Add a rectangle

Step 3: now add two buttons, and name the button as Yes and No and also add the label with text

“Do you want to delete this Question? You can’t undo this action.”

Now your screen will look like this:

Step 4: Grouping

To group the labels –

Select any label +shift -> select the labels/buttons you want to group.

After selection, click on (…) ellipses and you will see group option and click on Group and Rename the group.

This is all about adding the labels and buttons. Now will see how to visible the Popup

In this case, we want to show the Popup on click of the Delete .


 On select = UpdateContext({DeletePopUp:true});

Next step is to set the same variable on the Popup

Select the items and on visible of the grouped items write “DeletePopUp”

Now to set the same variable on t

he two buttons:

On select of Yes button:

On select of No button:

Hope this helps !

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