Last and First expression in Cloud Flows – Part I

Let see how we can use last and first expression in Cloud Flows.

We can use last and first expression get first and last value in array, strings and also we can use first and last expression to get first and last record from list of records in cloud flows

Let get started!!!!!

  1. Let say you have string named “A Datum Integration” and we want first character of the string, then use below expression.

Syntax – first(<string>)

I have initialized a string “A Datum Integration”.

Add a compose and use first as below.

As a result, will get a first character from the string i.e A

Output –

2. Similarly, we can use last expression to get last character from the string. In this case character “n” should be output

Syntax – last(<string>)

Output –

Stay tuned for Part II.

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