Send a message/notification on Microsoft Teams as soon as an Opportunity is created in Dynamics 365 via Azure Logic Apps.

In this blog we will see the steps in order to send a automated message via Teams as soon as an Opportunity is created in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Step 1: Go to and select the Azure Logic App Resource.

Step 2: Enter all the details such as the Name, Resource Group, Subscription, Region, etc. required while creating a Logic App.

Step 3: Select the Dynamics 365 trigger When a record is updated.

Step 4: Select Opportunities entity after setting by the Dynamics 365 CRM connection

Step 5: Set the data refresh time as required.

Step 6: Select the IF action in the next step and the condition would be status_label=won for true.

Step 7: Inside True Block select Post a message in a chat or channel option. You can also handle the condition for False block, but in this case we can leave it blank.

Step 8: You can post this message in a Group, Channel or send it as a Personal chat.

Step 9: Save and Run the Logic App Flow.

Step 10: Wait for the trigger successful notification.

Step 11: Go to Dynamics 365 CRM and navigate to opportunities entity.

Step 12: Open a test opportunity or create one if doesn’t exist and close the opportunity as won.

Step 13: As soon as you closed this opportunity you may have received the following message.

Hence in this blog we saw how we can send messages on MS Teams using Azure Logic Apps on triggering certain conditions. Hope this helped!

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