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Trigger Azure Pipeline with logic app

Hello, friends in this blog we will see how to trigger an azure data factory pipeline using a logic app. Step 1: Create an Azure Data Factory pipeline for your integration. Step 2: Create a logic app of your preference, for this blog, I am creating an HTTP trigger logic app. Step 3: Now click … Continue reading Trigger Azure Pipeline with logic app

How to GET records from Salesforce using Logic App

Learn how to fetch Salesforce Records in Azure Logic App using two different ways.

How to GET records from Salesforce using Logic App

Learn how you can easily use SOQL query to fetch Salesforce records in Logic App

Create Azure Logic Apps

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Login to Search for logic app in search bar in top header. Click on Add. After clicking on Add, a new form opens. Select Subscription, here I selected Pay-As-You-Go. Select Resource group, here I created new Resource group with name AzureLogicAppLearning. Enter Logic App name in my case it is SendEmailOnAccountCreation. Select the location, here I selected Southeast Asia. … Continue reading Create Azure Logic Apps

How to read files from SharePoint and store in Azure Blob Storage

This blog will help you resolve common errors that one might come across while integration between SharPoint and Azure Blob and will also guide you through how it is achieved.