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Creating Azure Data Factory

Login to azure portal, click on create a resource>Analytics>Data Factory Enter the required details and data factory gets created, enable git option will prompt to enter the git repository details which can later be used for CI/CD. In this way we can create Azure Data factory.

Incremental refresh in Azure Data Factory

In this article we are going to do Incremental refresh for Account entity from Dynamics 365 CRM to Azure SQL. Steps: Create Linked Service for Azure SQL and Dynamics 365 CRM and create a table in Azure SQL DB Now we will create pipeline, in the pipeline we have two blocks, one is for getting … Continue reading Incremental refresh in Azure Data Factory

How to Connect your Azure Data Factory with Github

Introduction: In order to move your Pipeline from one environment to other you require your Pipeline to be saved on Github. This Blog will guide you through how to connect your Azure Data Factory Pipeline with your Github account. Step 1: Create a new Azure Data Factory and Tick the Enable GIT checkbox.     … Continue reading How to Connect your Azure Data Factory with Github

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