Update records in Dynamics CRM using Azure Logic Apps

In this blog, we will see how we can update the records  CRM with the help of a logic app workflow.

Step 1: Add the recurrence trigger in the logic app and set it to run in a one-day interval. you can set any interval. Without a trigger, you cannot create a logic app.

Step 2: Add new step after recurrence trigger

Step 3: Add the List records action from Dynamics 365 and connect to CRM with your credentials Select Account entity

Step 4: For testing purposes, I have created a test account (account number = 1001)in the UAT environment as shown below.

Step 5: Initialize the variable with account number is 1001. The account where you want to change/update the data

Step 6: Filter the list of accounts where the account number is equal to 1001 as mentioned above step.

Step 7: After finding a record from the account list then we will update the record here I updated the account name and city
(Note: Account number should unique)


Hope this blog helps you

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