How to create a table using Azure Logic Apps with proper formatting

In this blog, we will see how we can create a table using HTML language using the Azure logic app.

If you see carefully, there is an action block present which is “Create HTML table” but it does not give formatting flexibility. so in this blog, I will explain how we can use compose block to create a table with HTML syntax

Step 1: To start with the logic app I took the recurrence trigger. you can use any trigger as per your requirement (which is set to run once a day)

Step 2: Compose block is an important block as we are writing HTML syntax to format our table. For the demo I used sample data otherwise you can enter dynamic fields as well. in the highlighted section.

Step 3: So output of Compose block is sent as the body of the email as shown in the below screenshot.

Output: Email

Hope this blog helps you.

Thank you !!

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