HTTP POST Requests using Microsoft Flows


In this blog we will demonstrate the working of HTTP Request -Response in Microsoft Flows.


Step 1:  In our example we will make a POST call to our Microsoft Flow so that we can further apply some logic in Flows. The POST request contains the following data.


"name": "TestName",
"Address": "TestAddress"

Now we can use online editor tools to create a schema file of the above JSON. ( Submit the JSON data and the schema will be generated as shown below.


Step 2: Now we go to Microsoft Flows,create a new flow and add the first step as “Request” as shown below:

HTTP Request

Step 3: We then paste the JSON schema that we earlier saved

Request Body JSON SchemaIn the “Show advanced”  options we have to add the following details:

Sample PayloadOnce that is done we select a condition. In our example we  will pass a JSON Array hence we will loop through each item. Here we add a apply to each condition as shown

And we add a dynamic output from the previous stage

Dynamic Apply To EachThen inside the apply to each loop we can add any action and take the values passed from the POST request. For this example I create a new account in CRM with the name and address provided as shown below

Create Record in CRM

Step 4: Now when we save this flow a URL is generated in the First HTTP Request step. We test the flow by calling this URL from Postman. The URL generated is show below

Http request URL

Step 5: Now we open Postman and write the request as shown below

Postman 1Also in the Header section we add the following details


Step 6: Once we click on Send the two records are created in CRM as shown below
Success Account Creation


We can call this URL from outside Dynamics CRM as well and using this we explore many more functionalities provided by Microsoft Flows to achieve the desired outcome.

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