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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Web API

Posted On July 17, 2015 by Admin Posted in

Microsoft has released the Dynamics CRM Web API with the 2015 Spring Update. The purpose of this blog article is to demonstrate the use of the CRM Web API for performing different data operations. Before we begin using the Web API there are a few pre-requisites. Azure Subscription Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 Dynamics CRM … Continue reading Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Web API

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Powerful DAX CALCULATE() Function

Posted On June 24, 2015 by Admin Posted in Tagged in ,

The CALCULATE function in DAX is the magic key for many calculations we can do in PowerPivot. Below is the syntax: CALCULATE( <expression>, <filter1>, <filter2>… ) The expression that we put in the first parameter has to be evaluated to return the result (i.e. a value, not a table). For this reason, the expression is … Continue reading Powerful DAX CALCULATE() Function

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UCC SAN SSL Certificate–GoDaddy/Azure

Introduction Adding sub-domain to UCC SSL 5 certificate and revoking existing SSL Certificate. Problem Statement: We have sub-domain called hosted on windows azure. associated with SSL binding but that SSL is expired and we want to revoke that certificate and add it to UCC SSL 5 certificate from Go-daddy. => We have … Continue reading UCC SAN SSL Certificate–GoDaddy/Azure

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