Calculated Currency Field doesn’t support Min or Max values


This is an observation I made when one of our clients wanted to have a limit on the calculated fields. Let’s say, a lower limit of the currency field that is expected to throw an error (or somehow not allow) the currency going in negative values for a calculated field.


Now, I want to keep the Minimum Value as $0. I’ll keep the Minimum value as 0 so that when I can make it as Calculated Field, the Minimum Value gets locked by $0 I’ve entered. See screenshot below:

But, as soon as I make it as Calculated Field and click on Save, this happens-

  1. It still appears that I will save it as 0
  2. But, it creates the field, locks the minimum field and then defaults it back to the original minimum value.

Bottom line: We cannot have our own Minimum Value on the Calculated Currency fields. But however, I found that this is allowed for other calculated fields. Like the Whole Number.

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