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Note:  This article assumes experience on SSIS Integration Toolkit for Dynamics CRM and understanding of CRM Online

Images, Notes and Attachment migration in CRM Online is always a challenging task. One easy way of dealing with them is to use SSIS Integration Toolkit for Dynamics CRM



    1. Drag and drop Dynamics CRM Source and Dynamics CRM Destination component.


    1. Set up the Source CRM by adding the connection manager, mentioning the source type(Entity /Fetch xml/Entity changes)


    1. Set up the Target CRM by setting the connection, choosing the appropriate action (Create/Update/Upsert/Delete etc.), specifying the destination entity
    2. Map the Input column and destination CRM field
    3. For migrating images, we need to directly map entityimage field of source to entityimage filed of target





    1. For notes and attachments, select the annotation entity as the source as target by following the steps mentioned above
    2. The fields to be mapped are subject, notetext, documentbody, filename, mimetype, objectid for mentioning to which entity is the note/attachment related to


    1. We use Text lookup function for lookups


  1. We can lookup on name/ GUID /custom field as per the need. In the example mentioned above we lookup the accountid which is the primary field for account entity


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