How to Create a collapsible Gallery control in Canvas Power App

In this blog, I am going to show how we can create a collapsing and retracting gallery control in Canvas Power app.

Let’s start making this into our Canvas PowerApps

Step 1: Insert a Flexible Height Gallery on the screen.

For the current example, I’m using a table of User details.

Items property of Gallery

Step 2: Adding a ‘button’ which is stay visible all time and a ‘Container’ which will only be visible when that specific record is selected.

Step 3: Adding variables to store information of selected record unique ID.

OnSelect property of Button,

Visible property of Container,

Step 4: Modify as you like,

I’ve added color indication which record is selected.

That’s all,

We have finally created the collapsible Gallery control in Power App.

Hope this helps!!

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