Here’s how to Install Power Apps for Windows (Preview) and use Model-Driven and Canvas Apps

Hi Everyone,
Awaited moment is here, we finally have Power Apps designated application for Windows. Currently its in Preview so use only for testing as of now until its pushed globally.

Here’s the steps to download and use Power Apps for Windows

Step 1: Go to Microsoft Store and search “Power Apps

Step 2: Install the application.

Step 3: In order to run this application, we need to check WebView2 Runtime version on our device. It should be version 99.0 or later.

To check this, go to Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Search for WebView and verify that you have version 99.0 or later installed.

For those who don’t have this, follow below steps.

  1. To install WebView2 Runtime, download the WebView2 Runtime.
  2. Download version 99.0 or later. Installing an earlier version may cause Power Apps to crash.
  3. Under Evergreen Bootstrapper, select Download.
  4. Go over the license terms and privacy statement and then select Accept and Download.
  5. When the download is complete, then run the MicroEdgeWebview2Setup.exe.

Step 4: Open and sign-in with your ID

Step 5: After logging in, you will find list of Model and Canvas Apps that are shared to you or you having access by security roles.
The screen will show all Apps from all the environments present in you tenant.

You can also see other model-driven apps if you enable Show non-production apps in settings under Model Apps.

That’s all about installing Power Apps on Windows.

Hope this was informative and helped you.

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