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Add Office 365 Azure Directory into Windows Azure Part 1

In this blog we walk-through adding office 365 AD in your Windows Azure account. Blog is divided in two different parts.

Part 1: Add Office 365 Active Directory into Microsoft account.
Part 2: Add Office 365 Active Directory into Organization account.


  1. Azure Subscription to the Microsoft account (Service Administrator).
  2. Global admin user of Office 365.

Next we need to follow the steps given below to add Office 365 Active directory.

  1. Login to azure account using Microsoft account.
  2. Navigate to Active Directory and click on new button.
  3. 1


  4. Select “use existing directory” option because we are adding office 365 Active directory.
  5. 3

  6. Now sign-in with your office 365 user (Global admin).


    Above process is little bit tedious because user need to sign-in and sign-out frequently.
    Limitation:  If Microsoft user email address and office 365 user email address is same then this process will get failed.

  7. Now you can see “A1 Tech solution” directory added to our Azure account.
  8. 7

  9. Add Azure subscription to Active directory.8
    Select your AD from dropdown.


  10. Now you can see URL will be changed according to your Office 365 AD domain.
  11. 11

  12. Add co-administrator to your subscription.
  13. 12

    Note:  Each subscription can be associate with only one Active directory.  In order to add co-administrator we have to associate azure subscription with Active directory.


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