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Automate sending of Survey (Recurring) – Microsoft Forms Pro

You might be having some requirements for automatically sending Microsoft Forms survey in recurrence like there might be any type of survey form which needs to be sent out to all the employee on a quarterly basis or monthly basis. To achieve that you can use Microsoft Flow, there are four options available currently Automated Flow, Instant Flow, Scheduled Flow, and Business Process Flow. You need to use the Scheduled Flow, as the survey needs to be sent out in recurrence. Let’s see how to do that.


  • You need to have Microsoft Forms Pro because in Microsoft Forms “Send a Survey” action is not available in Flows.
  • Assuming you have already created Survey in Microsoft Forms Pro.

Steps 1: Office 365 Group
You must have an Office 365 Group, or you can create one, in which you will need to add all the users to whom you want to send out the survey.

  1. Go to Microsoft 365 Admin Center > Groups.
  2. Create an Office 365 Group.
  3. Add members.

Step 2: Creating a new Flow
As it will be a scheduled survey, you will need to create a scheduled Flow.

  1. Click Create.
  2. Select Scheduled Flow.
  3. Provide the required details and click Create.
  4. Automatically this Recurrence tab will be there, where you can make changes in the frequency in which this survey will be sent. You can also specify the advanced options, where you can select the Time zone and start time.
  5. Click on +New step and then in Choose an action search for “Office 365 Group”. This is required as the Flow will require the list of addresses on which the survey will be sent.
  6. After selecting Office 365 Groups, choose Actions “List Group Members” and then select the Office 365 Group which you created earlier in Step 1.
  7. Click on New Step again and search for Microsoft Forms Pro and then choose Action “Send a Survey”.

  8. You will need to provide the following details (see screenshot).

    To: When you click on ‘To’ field, you will get a list of Dynamics Content from which you will have to choose “Mail”. After selecting Mail in the ‘To’ field it will look something like this, again you will need to click on Send a Survey.

    It asked for the ‘To’ filed again, click on the To field and from Dynamic Content, select ‘Mail’.

    Survey: You will need to select the Survey which you created in Microsoft Forms Pro.
    Email Template: There are already few default templates provide, you can choose from that. For now, “Enter Custom Value” shouldn’t be selected.
  9. The Flow is completed now, and you can go ahead and Save the flow and test if it is working as expected.

I hope this article helps you in sending a Microsoft Forms survey automatically to all the people added in the Office 365 Group on a frequency which you set in the Flow. Thanks!

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