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Setup custom domain and sub-domain name in Azure/GoDaddy Part -1

In this Blog we will walk-through how to add custom Domain/sub-domain in Azure web app with the help of GoDaddy.

Problem Statement:

We have a domain, purchased from GoDaddy and we want that it should point to website hosted on Azure.

We have divided this blog in two different parts.

Part 1: Add new custom Domain
Part 2: Add new custom Sub-Domain


  1. Azure Subscription with Web apps (Service administrator/Co-administrator)
  2. GoDaddy Account with new Domain (Admin)

Next we need to follow the steps given below

Steps 1: Login to your GoDaddy account with admin credentials and click on Manage domains.


Steps 2: Click on domain name that you want to configure. In Our case we want to configure for

Double click on domain name and wait for new window.


Step 3: Click on DNS Zone file and then edit option.


Steps 4: We need some additional information from Azure web apps, that we will add in DNS configuration.

  1. Login to your Azure account and navigate to web site that you want to configure.
  2. Web site must be in share mode or standard mode to configure domain name. Change apps service plan pricing ties accordingly. Please refer following URL for more information


Navigate to Dashboard and click on Manage domains to add new custom domain name for your web site.


Steps 5: Copy IP address of Azure web site. This information will need, when we add DNS record in GoDaddy.


Steps 6:
 Add new A(Address) record and point to IP Address with below configuration.

  1. Record Type: A (Host)
  2. Host: @
  3. Point to: (Azure website IP Address)

If @ record in already present, then edit that record.


Add new CName record with below configuration.

  1. Record Type: CNAME (Alias)
  2. Host: www
  3. Point to: (Domain Name of Azure website)
    Kindly edit this record if already present.


Steps 7: Add CNAME(Alias) record that will point to Azure website. This information is required  by azure for verification purpose.
Add two CNAME(Alias) record given in Image.

  1. Record Type: CNAME(Alias)
    Alias Name: awverify.www
    Points to Host Name:
  2. Record Type: CNAME(Alias)
    Alias Name: awverify
    Points to Host Name:



Steps 8: Save all changes by clicking on Save Zone File.


It might take 10-15 mins to update DNS entry.

Steps 9: Add domain name in manage domain section(Azure) and click on ok.




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