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Production with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP software has an integrated suite for the production area (PPC: production planning and control) with comprehensive functions to plan and control efficient production and manufacturing processes:

The manufacturing module can map and efficiently manage all areas from material requirements and product configuration to workstation and machine utilisation.

Production functions in D365 Business Central:

  1. Resources: Register and sell resources, combine related resources into one resource group or track individual resources.


  1. Estimates: Monitor resource usage and get a complete overview of your capacity for each resource with information about availability and planned costs on orders and quotes.


  1. Jobs: Keep track of usage on jobs and data for invoicing the customer. Manage both fixed-price jobs and time-and-materials jobs.


  1. Timesheets: Timesheets are a simple and flexible solution for time registration with manager approval and integrate with Service, Jobs, and Basic Resources.


  1. Multiple languages: Switch languages on the client in real time provided that the desired language is available.


  1. Reason codes: Define a set of reason codes that can be assigned to individual transactions throughout the system, providing user-defined audit trails.


  1. Extended text: Set up an unlimited number of lines to describe inventory items, resources, and general ledger accounts.


  1. Intrastat reporting: Automatically retrieve the necessary data to report Intrastat information to statistics authorities. Local customs authorities can inform you whether your company is obligated to file such a report.


  1. Outlook integration: Synchronize your to-do items and your contacts with your meetings, tasks, and contacts in Outlook.


  1. Subcontracting: Allows companies to send raw materials, unfinished goods, or partially finished goods for further processing elsewhere.


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