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Embedding D365 Field Service Charts in D365 Online Portals

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D365 Field Service has everything to manage your complex business needs from scratch till the end. On the off chance that Field Service is a fundamental piece of your everyday business, Dynamics 365 for Field Service is a start to finish arrangement that can enable your association to oversee complex assistance understandings, track resources and stock, oversee administration orders, rapidly distinguish and dispatch assets, and addition the insight expected to offer prescient and preventive assistance and backing. 

Robotize and improve booking to dispatch the correct professional and get the most incentive out of your assets. Upgrade your administration experience by proactively recognizing, investigating, and settling issues so a specialist is dispatched just when vital. Give clients self-administration entries, proactive updates, and expert following to guarantee a positive involvement with each progression. 


This blog explains how to embed D365 Field Service Charts in D365 Online Portals.

Steps of Implementation:

1. Get Guid of Chart and View used for Chart in D365 Field Service.

2. Create a new Web Template, Portals -> Web Templates and write code in Source field with Chart ID and View ID  as copied in Step 1 as below.

3. Create a new Page Template, Portals -> Page Templates and set details as highlighted below.

4. Create a new Web Page in D365 Online Portals and set Page Template created in Step 3.

5. Create a new Link for Dashboard in D365 Online Portals.

    • Hover Mouse on Home button and click on Edit option.

    • Click on New button as highlighted below.

    • Enter details as shown below and click on Save button.


Above description in blog helps users to create Dashboard in D365 Online Portals by embedding D365 Field Service Charts as below.

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