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Add custom Table method on Form in D3FOE


As we know, we can only work with Extension code in D365 Finance and Operations. In this blog article, we will see how we can add a custom display method to a Table and display it on form using Extension.


  1. Create a new Class
  2. Add Display method
  3. Display the method on form

1. Create a new Class:

  • Go to Solution Explorer -> Project
  • Right Click -> Select ‘Add new Item’
  • Select Class -> Enter Name. Class name can be anything ending with ‘_Extension’. Eg. <ClassName>_Extension
  • Click Ok

2. Add Display method:

Public Static class CFLoyaltyaddphone_Extension // Class must be static 


    [SysClientCacheDataMethodAttribute (true)]  //This statement will cache display method 

    public static display LogisticsElectronicAddressLocator CFS_GetPhoneno (RetailLoyaltyCard _this) //Pass Tablename as Parameter 


        DirpartyTable dirPartyTable; 

        Dirpartylocation dirpartylocation; 

        LogisticsElectronicAddress logisticsElectronicAddress; 

        select * from dirpartylocation 

            where  dirpartylocation.Party == _this.Party 

            join logisticsElectronicAddress  

            where logisticsElectronicAddress.Location == dirpartylocation.Location  

            && logisticsElectronicAddress.IsPrimary == NoYes::Yes  

            && logisticsElectronicAddress.Type == LogisticsElectronicAddressMethodType::Phone ; 

         return logisticsElectronicAddress.locator; //Return Field value                  



3. Display the method on Form:

  • Add the field type on form Design.
  • Change the below property
  • change property


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