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ClickDimensions: Sending Customers a Specific Email Based on Form Field Submission

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In this article we are going to see how to send a specific email to a customer depending on how they answer a certain Form Field. This is something which can be easily accomplished with a workflow.

In our example, we have created a form asking people which EazyAPP product they are interested in learning about: Gravity forms, Client Portal or Marketing with ClickDimensions. We want customers to be sent a specific email with regards to the specific product they requested for.

The form field we created is called Field Interest, and we made it a list with the three options.

We then created three separate email templates that we would like to send customers based on how they answered our field. Here is the email template for customers interested in Gravity Forms:

Now we can set up our workflow that allows specific emails to be sent based on how our Field Interest form field was answered by each customer.

We set up this workflow to run on Posted Fields, set the scope to organization and set it to run when the record is created.

For our first step, we added a Check Condition that asks if the posted field is Field Interest and the posted form is our ClickDimensions Product Interest Form.

Then we asked if the value of that field equals Surveys. Remember, the value is how the data is stored in CRM, which may be different than the label that appears on your form.

When the value is Surveys, we added a Create Record step and chose “Send ClickDimensions Email.”

We then opened up the Set Properties and uploaded our survey email template. We also added the recipient as the Contact associated with the posted form.

We then repeated these last two steps for our Client Portal and Marketing (ClickDimensions) options. Our final workflow looks like this:

Now, customers who fill out our form will receive an email specifically about the product they were interested in.

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