Making SQL Server Accessible Over Internet

We can Make the SQL Server Accessible over Internet by following steps:

1. System should have static IP where SQL server is installed.

2. Open SSMS, right click on server > properties and check SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode

3. Go to Server > Security > Logins and configure password for users, who will be accessing the SQL server remotely. In this we are setting up password for the use ‘sa’.

4. Go to Server property and check  “allow remote connections to this server”

5. Go to SQL server configuration manager > SQL server network configuration > Protocols for SQL and make sure TCP/IP is enabled

6. Click on TCP/IP and enter port number in IPAll section
7. In firewall setting create Inbound rule for the port through which it will listen, in this case we are selecting port 4729

8. In next steps we will enable port forwarding (i.e. It will redirect request received on public IP and port to another IP and port combination)

In mapped IP we can mention static IP of system also (i.e.
9. Now from other system outside of current network, access the SQL server and enter server details and credentials. Enter server name eg, 4729\SQL
Hope above Helps!



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