Free Text Invoice Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations


Free text invoice is useful to book sales without creating Sales order. It is used to sell a quantity of services and goods which are not inventory item. User cannot select Item in Free Text Invoice. It contains order lines that include ledger accounts, descriptions, and a sales amount.


Below are the steps to create Free Text Invoice

  1. Click Accounts receivable> Invoices >  All free text invoices.
  2. On Action Pane, Click new button to create new Free text invoice.
  3. On header, select the customer account, Invoice date, currency. Other fields are non-mandatory fields.
  4. In the Invoice lines grid, enter a description, select the main account, Sales tax and enter the quantity and unit price for the invoice line.
  5. On the Line details FastTab, enter any additional information.
  6. Click on Total for check the total amount of invoice.
  7. After filling all the data, click on Post button to Post the Invoice.
  8. To check Posted Free text invoice, click on Invoice journal button.
  9. To check the ledger entry, click on view accounting button.

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