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Integrate Customers from Shopify with D365 for Finance and Operation using Microsoft flow

Using Microsoft flow you can automate and organize the flow of data between your Shopify and Microsoft D365 for Finance and Operation

This the 1st part of 2.

In this, I will show you how customers can be auto-created in D365 for Finance and Operation when it’s created in Shopify.

First, log into Shopify as Admin.

Navigate to: Settings -> Notifications -> Webhooks (Scroll to the end) -> Create Webhooks and select customer creation, and JSON format.

We need a URL for sending customer details, which we will provide later.

Now login to power apps or Microsoft automate with D365 account.

Navigate to Flows -> New and select Instant from Blank.

Now continue as shown in the below screenshots.

Here the required URL will be generated after the flow has been saved.

Click on the new step and search for Parse JSON.

In Content select Body (parameter from previous steps).

Now we need JSON schema for customers. You can find a sample Json return response from[version]=2020-04

Copy the response and select Generate from the sample in Powerapps and paste the response.

The schema would be now generated.

Click on ‘new step’. and search for Dynamics 365 for Fin & Ops.

Click on Create record.

Select the instance of the environment you want customers in and Entity name ‘CustomerV3’.

Now you can place parameters from the previous step (Parse Json) in different fields such as.

Mandatory fields that are required to create our customers are Customer account, Currency, Customer group, Company, Organization name.

After the values are placed, click on Save at the top right corner.

Now expand the first step and a URL will be there.

Copy this URL to Shopify webhook and click Save webhook.

Now let’s test this.

Go to the customer’s section in Shopify and click Add Customer.

Write the first name and last name for now and click save.

Go to D365 F&O and navigate to All Customers. You should see a new customer created.

In the next part, I will show how we can auto-create product in Shopify when created in D365 for Finance and Operation

Thank you for reading!

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