Manual statement posting in D365 Commerce (Retail)

In this blog, I am going to showcase how to create and post statements manually in D365 retail.

In Dynamics 365 Commerce, the statement posting process is used to account for the transactions that occur in POS. The statement posting process uses the distribution schedule to pull a set of POS transactions into the headquarters (HQ).

Steps for creating and posting the statement.

  1. Go to Retail and Commerce > Retail and Commerce IT > Distribution schedule.
  2. In the list, find and select the desired record.
  1. Click Run now.
  1. Click OK.
  1. Go to Retail and Commerce > Inquiries and reports > Commerce Data Exchange > Upload sessions.
  2. Refresh the page.
  1. Go to Retail and Commerce > Retail and Commerce IT > POS posting > Validate store transactions.

Create the statement

This step identifies the store that the statement is manually created for.

  1. In the tree, select ‘Contoso Retail\Contoso Retail USA\Central\Houston’.
  1. Click Add and Ok.
  2. Go to Default dashboard.
  3. Go to Retail and Commerce > Channels > Stores > Statements.
  4. Click New.
  1. In the Store number field, enter or select a value.
  1. In the Staff/register field, enter or select a value

Format for Staff/register value is Register number: Shift ID

  1. Enter the Transactional interval value.
  2. Click Calculate statement.
  1. Click Yes.
  1. In the Counted field, enter a number.

Post the statement

When you post a statement, sales orders and invoices are created for the sales in the statement.

  • Cash and carry sales are aggregated onto one sales order and are invoiced for the default customer who is assigned to the store.
  • Sales for which a customer was added to the transaction in POS generate separate sales orders and invoices, one for each unique customer.

  1. Click Post statement.
  1. Once the statement gets posted. You can check that statement in the Posted statement.

Retail and Commerce > Inquiries and reports >Posted statements

Hope this helps!

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