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How to keep customer on hold in D365 Finance and Operations

In this post I will show you all the different ways you can put a customer on hold in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations has standard customer management functionality that allows account receivable managers or customer account managers to put customer accounts on various types of holds.

These different hold types can restrict certain transactions or completely hold the account for all transactions.

There are also ways in D365 Finance and Operations that instead of putting an entire customer account on hold, you can put an individual sales order on hold. These holds can be for operational, regulatory, or for credit reasons.


  1. Navigate to Accounts receivable > Customers > All customers.

  1. Open the customer account you want to put on hold by clicking the customer account number hyperlink. In the “Credit and collections” fast tab, click the dropdown for the “Invoicing and delivery on hold” field and select the type of hold required for the customer.

  1. There are really only 3 options for customers (“No”, “Invoice”, “All”). The other three are used only for vendors.

No – This means that the customer is not on hold. So, if you want to take a customer off hold chose this value.

Invoice – This hold type means that a sales order can be created but the packing slip, and invoice buttons will be disabled. This option will still allow you to post payments against the customer. You will also receive a warning message when you create the sales order letting you know that the customer is stopped for invoicing.

All – If you select this option the customer is on hold for all transactions which includes, payments, sales orders, sales quotations, and invoices. When you attempt to create a transaction like a sales order you will receive an error message. You will be able to create a sales quotation but the “Send quotation” button will be disabled.

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