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Adding notes section on entity forms in Dynamics CRM


This blog consists of information on adding notes section in to your form and the difficulties faced while adding the notes section.

When to use notes on entity forms:

Notes are quick, easy and create a time-stamp. You can use when temporary and not critical information need to be shared with others.


1. Notes should be enabled on the entity. Open the entity in the solution and check the notes box.

2. If notes are not present on the form, add on the form. If the notes section is already present on the form, the notes button will be disable on the form.

Note the below points before adding the notes section:

  • Dynamics CRM allows only one Notes/Activities/Posts per entity and which is enabled by default. If you try to add one more notes, you will get the error message.
  • It will be visible only for the Main forms, so if you are deleting the Notes/Activities/Posts from Main form, it will be visible on another main form.
  • If you want to make use of Notes/Activities/Posts to be added on some other form.
  • You can’t use a notes control for an entity that is not enabled for Notes, so unfortunately you cannot have just activities, or activity feed posts.


  • Notes are not searchable. Notes cannot be included in Reports or advanced finds.
  • Notes do not roll-up. Users must re-create the same note several times for different records.
  • Information may be lost.

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