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Mix and Match Discounts in Dynamics 365 Commerce (Retail)

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In Dynamics 365 for Retail there are many types of discounts available which retailers can offer to customers. These discounts help the business increase the sales and also the customer base.

One of the discounts is called Mix and Match Discount . A mix-and-match discount gives customers a discount when they purchase a specific combination of products. For example, a customer purchases two boxes of tea and receives 50 percent off the price of a tea cup. Products and variants can be included in mix-and-match discounts.

Here is how you can configure Mix and Match discounts.


In the above screen grabs you can see two types of mix and match discounts
1) Buy one product and get 50% off on the 2nd product
2) Buy one product and get another product free(100% off)

You can add more products and use them in combination to offer discounts. After you have created discounts make sure to add your retail store to the price groups

Hope this helps!

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